Kanye West Ridiculed for Going All Silver at 'Mary' Opera Performance

The 'Follow God' rapper paints his face silver and is dressed in a silver metallic ensemble when he arrives at Miami Marine Stadium on a motorboat to perform in the production.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West just showed one of his most jarring looks for his performance at his new opera titled "Mary". On Sunday, December 8, the rapper went all silver from head-to-toe as he stepped out in Miami to debut his second opera at the Marine Stadium.

The 42-year-old painted his face silver and donned a silver metallic ensemble to perform in the opera, which reportedly took place on a barge. He was seen arriving on a motorboat with other performers and choir members, who were all dressed in silver as well.

The opera, which was originally slate for 3 P.M., started late as the performers loaded onto the stage around 4 P.M. The "Follow God" spitter reportedly appeared only 10 minutes during the production, which featured new arrangements of older Kanye songs, including "Devil in a New Dress", "Love Lockdown", "Power", "I Thought About Killing You" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing".

Throughout "Mary" which ran for one hour, Kanye read gospel passages aloud, much like he did in "Nebuchadnezzar". Some audience members wore "KANYE FOR PRESIDENT 2020" shirts, with one attendee saying, "I don't know religious music. But Kanye is God."

While the attendees appeared to be supportive of Kanye's every endeavor, many social media users found his silver look jarring. One Instagram user called the rapper "a mess," while another suggested, "He needs to seek help."

Some people compared Kanye's costume for "Mary" to the costumes in "Wizard of Oz" play. "Didn't know they were making a Wizard of Oz reboot," one quipped, while another baffled user commented, "What in the wizard of oz is going on here."

"Lord have mercy," another implored, as one other mocked Kanye, "I don't know who this man is...sorry to this man." Another commented on a photo of the GOOD Music founder sipping a drink, likely champagne, while still donning the silver costumer, "So he's drinking while singing church songs? Clown."

Kanye staged his first biblical opera "Nebuchadnezzar" in Los Angeles, California last month. Vanessa Beecroft, who directed "Nebuchadnezzar", also served at the helm for "Mary".

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