Madonna's Daughter Called 'Gross' for Taking Part in Simulated Orgy at Art Basel Show

Lourdes Leon is among the models who close out Desigual's fashion show by participating in an elaborate orgy of writhing bodies as models simulate sex acts on one another.

AceShowbiz - Lourdes Leon's appearance during Art Basel in Miami over the weekend successfully sparked Internet chatters. The daughter of Madonna received backlash for participating a simulated orgy that was a part of Spanish brand Desigual's fashion show during the annual event.

During the show, Leon was among the models who closed out the event by dancing along a runway before the group gathered on a large platform. Later, she took off her plunging tie-dye tank dress to reveal nude underwear and nipple pasties, kissing and undressing another female model. It didn't take long before the platform transformed into a space for an elaborate orgy of writhing bodies, with models simulating sex acts on one another.

The group ended the performance by laying on top of each other.

Desigual shared on Instagram a video of the performance, which was dubbed "Love Different". The company described the set as a "representation in which the catalan artist affects the most basic and universal act of love: the kiss. Please share in this message of love, multiculturalism and diversity."

While the audience at the show was cheering during the performance, people online did not like what they saw. One person called her "creepy," as another individual commented, "Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon takes part in public orgy KEEP IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. GROSS." There were also some who couldn't help but compare her to Madonna, who once made controversy with her infamous book "Sex." Someone said, "Her mother's daughter Say no more."

Another person simply called it "disgusting," while one other said that Madonna "should be ashamed." On the other hand, someone noted, "The Tree will be known by the fruit it bares. Madonnas tree is rotten fruit. HOW SAD," as another wrote, "I feel sorry for madonna to have her daughter disgrace her that way."

Leon has yet to respond to the backlash.

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