DC Fans Enraged After Superman Is Dubbed Not Relevant
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Fans of the comic book character come in defense after a recent report about Michael B. Jordan's interest in playing the superhero suggests that the Man of Steel is no longer relevant in modern days.

AceShowbiz - Superman is forever the ultimate superhero in his fans' hearts, despite the rise of new vigilantes and the fame of other comic book characters. That's why DC Comics geeks are enraged after a recent report suggested that the Man of Steel is no longer relevant in modern days.

It was a tweet by Variety that offended the fans as the site reported about Michael B. Jordan's alleged interest in playing Superman. "Warner Bros. has less clarity on what to do with #Superman. However, there have been discussions with Michael B. Jordan and J.J. Abrams to help make the Man of Steel more relevant," so read the tweet in question.

Fans were clearly not having it, with one writing, "Superman is a space immigrant living in rural American and you are saying he is not relevant?" Another argued, "He already is relevant. The dude fights for Truth and Justice. That never gets old. Also, he is virtuous and the perfect role model given the social climate we are in. Use 'All Star Superman' as inspiration."

A third Twitter user defended the character, "The sad thing about WB's handling of Superman is that this is THE PERFECT time for a Superman movie. He is the embodiment of hope. He's an immigrant created by two Jewish dudes in the late 1930s. Wtf are you doing if you don't know how to make that relevant right now."

Some others blamed writers of the most recent Man of Steel movies for the superhero's perceived lack of relevance. "I wish they would stop with this talk. Superman is eternally relevant, just get writers that know how to write the character," someone responded to Variety's tweet.

The site has not clarified its remark following fans' responses. It previously reported that Michael B. Jordan had met with Warner Brothers to pitch his vision for a new Superman. No script and no director is attached to the project, but there have been discussions with J.J. Abrams. Sources claimed the new movie is unlikely to come out before 2023.

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