Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Says He's Lying About Spending Thanksgiving With His Kids

The 'Trap Queen' rapper is called out by one of his baby mamas after he claimed he had celebrated Thanksgiving early in his house with his daughters and sons.

AceShowbiz - Fetty Wap was called a liar by one of his baby mamas Turquoise Miami. Soon after the rapper posted a thanksgiving picture with his kids, she wrote on her own page, "all (cap emoji)." She added in the caption, "Please stop cappin for Thanksgiving. My daughter ain't never been to Jersey and nobody calls her. The end."

In a black-and-write picture posted by Fetty on his second Instagram page, seven young kids were seen having meal together. The "Trap Queen" hitmaker claimed the photo was taken at his home last week when he celebrated the holiday early with his children.

"I'm thankful that my daughters got a chance to meet & were inseparable the entire time," he told his online devotees. "I'm thankful to have the honor and privilege of being 'Superman daddy' named by KB lol ... I'm thankful for my Baby boy ... protects and watches them and sits at the end of the table like the young king he is."

He added, "I'm thankful for my two oldest boys who too cool for dad now lol .... I'm thankful for my Lauren for always being happy no matter when she speaks or sees me or what mood she's in ... thankful for Diamond & jewel for always calling and checking on me and checking for they lil brothers and sisters."

"I'm thankful to have the best children in the world," he summed it up, "and I wanna thank my children's moms who put up with my s**t and deals with my selfish pride ... I'm just some thankful ma f**ka today."

Fetty Wap, however, didn't mention his estranged wife Leandra K. Gonzalez. She wanted divorce only weeks after their wedding, claiming the rapper "switched up" and she suffered "so much abuse" following their private nuptials earlier this year.

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