Charli XCX Fumes Over Being 'Doubted' as a Woman in Music Industry

Expressing her frustration at the sexist nature of the business, the 'Boom Clap' singer warns others to never insult 'any and all female popstars' just because they are not men.

AceShowbiz - Charli XCX took aim at the sexist nature of the music industry in a series of furious Twitter posts on Wednesday night, November 27, admitting she gets frustrated with being constantly "doubted" as a female artist.

The 27-year-old singer has enjoyed huge success in the business with tunes such as "Boom Clap", "Break the Rules" and "White Mercedes". But the British star still feels as though she's not being taken seriously, and vented about the situation to fans in several tweets.

"I am an artist, a songwriter who’s co written multiple ‘hits’ for myself/other artists, a video director, exec producer of a netflix show, a&r, i run a label, co manage 2 artists.. if I was a man I'd be hailed as some sort of music industry god but as a woman I'm just – doubted??" she began.

Insisting she wasn't writing the messages to get sympathy, Charli continued: "btw i don't need people to feel sorry for me or anything – i'm just saying it how it is. women in this industry are constantly questioned on their validity… 'did she REALLY write that?' 'can she REALLY produce?' 'does she REALLY know what she’s doing?’ i see it all the time".

Concluding her rant, Charli urged people not to "insult" female singers by assuming they're doing less than they actually are.

"Any and all female popstars in 2019 are obviously business women: running their own careers, making their own decisions, directing their own teams, proving points, being groundbreaking and making their own art. like, this is SO OBVIOUS. don’t insult us," she finished.

Following her tweets, Charli was inundated with messages of support from her fans, who wrote things like: "You are so inspiring! Keep speaking out and empowering all women out there who are doubted. You have a great platform and voice to do so. Thanks!!".

Another added: "Women in most industries have to work twice as hard to get just as far as a man. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed. It's just not about the amount of money men make more than women, it's about the disrespect and disregard you have to go through. Well said Charli".

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