John Legend on 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Backlash: No One's Destroying Your Version
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Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon for an interview on 'The Tonight Show', the 'All of Me' hitmaker shares his thought on the controversy his remake of the Christmas classic has caused.

AceShowbiz - John Legend is surprised by the controversy over his remake of Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside", insisting people are free to listen to whichever version they prefer.

The "Ordinary People" hitmaker teamed up with Kelly Clarkson for the revamp of Frank Loesser's track - about a guy trying to convince his date to spend the night with him.

In the original version, the woman asks the man, "What's in this drink?", prompting some to suggest he may have added something to her cocktail. In the reboot, Legend attempts to make his lady, played by Clarkson, feel comfortable and not pressured to stay longer than she wants.

The revamped track has divided fans, with some, like Sharon Osbourne, attacking the stars for revising a Christmas standard. However, Legend insists he wasn't trying to ruin the beloved song.

"Some people are just so upset that we would mess with this sacrosanct version of the original song, and (say), 'It's political correctness gone too far,' " he tells "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". "No one's destroying your version... Play it loud, and if you like our version, play that one too."

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