While acknowledging that he 'probably doesn't have a particularly good public persona,' the 'No Time to Die' actor insists that he 'doesn't mind talking to journalists' about stuff he loves.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Craig has given up trying to make people think he isn't grumpy.

The "James Bond" star is known for his serious, often surly personality and he accepts he doesn't come across well in interviews and on TV chat shows - but Daniel insists he's a really happy guy.

"I don't do much to dispel it, because I'd just be chasing my tail to prove that I'm not the person people think I am," the Brit tells People. "I probably don't have a particularly good public persona... Some can go on talk shows and tell stories, but I'm just not wired that way... I can try, but people would go, 'What's he doing?' They'd go, 'Where is the grumpy f**ker?' "

"I'm not grumpy. Genuinely, I'm not. I hope you can tell. I love what I do. I love this business, and I don't mind talking to journalists. I mean, I don't love it. Yet I don't mind talking about stuff I love. That's easy."

"But I just grew up in an era when, if you were trying to be an artist, you didn't look for approval. You didn't look for likes. You just did your thing."

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