Elton John Set Robbie Williams Up for Rehab After Boozy Appearance at His House
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In an interview on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', the former Take That star reveals how the 'Rocketman' singer helped him kick his drinking habit after he turned up drunk at the singing legend's house.

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams would not be sober if not for Elton John. The former Take That member has recently revealed that it was the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" hitmaker who forced him to go to rehab following a drinking bender.

The 45-year-old recounted the story during an appearance on "The Jonathan Ross Show". Spilling on how the "Rocketman" singer "really tried to help" him to stay sober, he shared, "In the early days when I was first getting sober, there was a week until I had to go to rehab and I had two vocals to do on my first album, one of them was 'Angels' and one of them was 'Let Me Entertain You'."

"I was going to do these vocals then go to rehab," he continued on. "Elton invited me to his house to listen to the work that I'd done so far. That morning I got in a black cab and I had this game that I used to play where I'd stop at every pub I saw and have half a pint. I'd had ten half pints before I'd got to the studio. I ended up under the mixing desk, had a bit of red wine and then I knew I had to get to Elton's for three o'clock."

By the time he reached his friend's house, he was covered in food and red wine stains. His condition led the "Tiny Dancer" singer to tell him to check himself into rehab immediately. "He said, 'No you've got to go to Rehab now' and I said, 'I've got to go to Rehab now' and this kept going back and forth at the door," he recalled.

The husband of actress Ayda Field went on to joke that he "was going to use his charm" to get out of that situation. Still, it was to no avail. He added, "It was a big moment being in Elton John's kitchen sobering up over some carrots thinking 'How am I going to get myself out of this mess?' "

As for how he thought of Elton, Robbie has nothing but praises. "Elton is the most loving, generous man you could imagine and he has helped so many people over the years," he gushed.

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