Linda Perry Came Clean About Her Sexuality in Church

The 4 Non Blondes member recalls the first time she told her family about her sexuality, saying she came out of the closet to her mother when she took her to church.

AceShowbiz - Linda Perry apparently came out as gay to her mum in church.

The 4 Non Blondes singer is married to former "The Talk" panellist Sara Gilbert, and a guest at Equality Now's annual Make Equality Reality Gala on Tuesday, November 19 close to the stars recounted Linda's coming out story to the New York Post's gossip column Page Six.

"She said her mum took her to church - something she didn't do much - and turned to her and asked, 'Are you a homosexual?,' " they detailed at the event, which honoured authors Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie and Scarlett Curtis. "Linda (replied), 'What?' And her mum repeated, 'Are you a homosexual?' Linda said, 'Do you mean, do I like women? Yes, I like women, Ma.' "

"Her mum responded, 'You know you can use women the same way you use men.' And Linda joked, 'So I married a very rich woman.' "

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