'Carol's Second Act' Writers Quit After Groped by Patricia Heaton's Husband

Two staff members from the CBS television series claim that their work was cut back after they filed complaint against David Hunt over inappropriate touching.

AceShowbiz - Patricia Heaton's husband David Hunt has been accused of inappropriately touching one of the writers on the U.S. network CBS series "Carol's Second Act", causing two staff members to step down.

Hunt works as executive producer on the show, and has been accused by writer Broti Gupta of inappropriately touching her on two separate occasions, The New York Times reports.

Gupta claimed in one instance, Hunt hugged her twice from the side and ran his hand up the side of her thigh, and weeks later he allegedly took her "by the shoulders and jerked her forward."

The second moment was allegedly witnessed by co-executive producer Margee Magee, who the alleged victim then confided in about the first instance.

Though Gupta insists she only wanted Hunt to be educated on harassment and did not want him to be fired, she and Magee were reportedly barred from rehearsals the following week and banned from running revised jokes by the showrunners during the show's filming. The two women later quit their roles because they felt their job responsibilities were being cut back.

A lawyer for Hunt says his client "did not remember the details as described" and that he "does not recall rubbing anyone's thigh or leg and he disputes that characterisation of it."

Hunt also "remembers looking for a script but does not remember the detail of touching anyone's shoulders, and if he did that, it was not intended to be offensive."

He reportedly completed harassment training on October 1.

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