Teresa Giudice Says Her Daughters Will Return to Italy for Christmas - What About Her?

The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star reveals her four children will spend Christmas with their father Joe, but she's still unsure about her schedule.

AceShowbiz - Teresa Giudice's daughters will return to Italy before the end of the year. The reality TV star has confirmed that her four daughters, Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10, are planning to spend Christmas with their father Joe Giudice.

The 47-year-old says celebrating the holiday in Joe's native country will be a new experience for the girls. "They've never spent Christmas in Italy before," Teresa tells PEOPLE. "So that'll be nice and different. And there's a lot of family there too, so it'd be nice."

Teresa additionally shares that her daughters initially planned to see Joe for Thanksgiving in the Bahamas, but he's still trying to get his passport and he likely won't make it in time. "But Joe is getting his passport. I think he's going to get in 10 to 12 days. I don't think it's going to be in time," she explains, before adding, "They're like, forget about Thanksgiving. So I think they want to go out to see him for Christmas."

Asked if she will join the girls and her husband Joe in Italy for Christmas, the star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" responds, "It depends on my work schedule."

Talking about her and her daughters' two-and-a-half day trip to visit Joe last week, Teresa shares, "We just had the best time. It was really nice. And I'm happy I went. I needed that for myself also. It was good, you know?"

In an interview with "Good Morning America", Teresa said she's "always going to have a place in [her] heart" for Joe. She added, "I'm always going to love him," stressing that her feelings for Joe would never change even if they're separated.

She, however, is unsure if they're going to stay in marriage. "Imagine he lived in Italy and I lived here ... I don't know if that's a feasible relationship," she confessed, adding that their future is "to be determined" and they're "taking it day by day."

Teresa added though that she has no plan to fill for divorce anytime soon.

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