Kristen Bell Fears Daughters' 'Frozen 2' Insight Would Lead to Legal Action From Disney

When stopping by 'Good Morning America', the actress voicing Princess Anna in the animated film admits to spilling the plot of the sequel to her young children before it is released in theaters.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Bell will be relieved when the "Frozen (2013)" sequel eventually hits cinemas later this month, because she fears her kids will tell friends the story and upset Disney bosses.

The actress reveals she told her girls the plot to "Frozen II" after reading the script and immediately realised that was a very bad idea - because it could cost her a lot in fines.

"I came home and I was like, 'So, here's what happens...,' " she told "Good Morning America". "They digested it and they were like, 'Yeah, that sounds cool.' It was hard for them to picture."

"And then it occurred to me that I was in breach of my contract (with Disney) and I'm like... two weeks before Disney doesn't have a legal issue with me, but they have (daughters) kept it zipped."

The "Frozen" sequel is released on November 22.

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