Karamo Brown on Former 'DWTS' Competitor Sean Spicer: 'He Can't Dance!'

During his recent appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', the 'Queer Eye' star also alluded to host Andy that he was eliminated from the show in a rather unfair way.

AceShowbiz - Karamo Brown throws a major shade to his former "Dancing with the Stars" competitor Sean Spicer. The "Queer Eye" star weighed in on how the former White House press secretary is doing on the ABC dancing competition show.

During his appearance in the Tuesday, November 5 episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen", Karamo said that Sean "can't dance!" The 39-year-old star, who was eliminated in week four of season 28, went on alluding to host Andy that he was sent home in a rather unfair way.

"I was robbed," he said in the episode. "I should have still been there."

"But it's also fan votes, and, you know, middle America watches the show and they vote for him," Brown added, referring to how he was saved from elimination despite his low scores because of his fans.

He also noted that President Donald Trump also had a big role in keeping Spicer on the show by constantly promoting him to his 66M followers on Twitter. "And also our president, who should be doing other stuff, has been tweeting vote for the man," Karamo said.

Brown was previously under fire after he dubbed Spicer a "good guy." Making use of his appearance, Brown offered an explanation for his statement and why he decided to deactivate his Twitter account. "I deactivated because they were giving my sons death threats," he explained, "because I was nice to Sean Spicer. There was no friendship. I was just saying that, if we're going to be on the same show, I'm gonna have a respectful conversation with someone who's different than me."

"People were like, 'How dare you? Oh my gosh!' And I was like, hey, if you've never seen me on television, I'm always gonna be the person to build a bridge," he added.

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