Chris Brown's Girlfriend Ammika Harris Fuels Pregnancy Rumors With Throwback Photos

The model addresses fans' concerns that she has not posted new pictures lately, writing on Instagram Stories that she's 'been chilling and spend quality time.'

AceShowbiz - Chris Brown's on-/off-girlfriend Ammika Harris has fueled a long-running speculation that she's pregnant with the star's baby. After some digging, her Instagram followers have concluded that the model only posted throwback photos lately, with one writing, "A lot of throwbacks lately. lol cute though."

Noticing her fans' comments and request for new photos of hers, Ammika took to Instagram Stories on Thursday, October 31 to address her situation. "For everyone who's asking for new pictures," she wrote, "first thing first, my page my rule."

She added in the same post, "And yo girl is busy doing something else beside taking new pictures for IG. I have a real life too. And i've been chilling and spend quality time."

After her Instagram Stories post is reuploaded on another Instagram account, people have weighed in on Ammika's explanation about the lack of her new pictures. Convinced that the 26-year-old is having a bun in the oven and is trying to hide it, one wrote, "We already know you pregnant sis."

Another urged Chris' girlfriend to "just say you pregnant." Someone else concluded from Ammika's statements, "Aka im pregnant and showing and don't wanna be seen lol."

Some others slammed Ammika as an attention seeker, with one commenting, "Who? Girl ain't nobody asking you for pics STAWP." Another remarked, "Okay Karrueche wanna be. She wants attention so bad and probably not even pregnant."

Earlier this month, Ammika was accused of using the pregnancy rumors to gain more followers. One Instagram user wrote in the comment section of her post, "Y'all she is pregnant!! I saw her when she was leaving the mix booth!!! They just tryna milk the situation to get her damn followers up!" Ammika then snapped back, "followers up? SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL LIFE!"

While Chris and Ammika remain mum on the pregnancy speculation, the two have been hinting at their rekindled romance with flirty Instagram exchange.

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