Tom Hiddleston Trades Marvel Characters With Charlie Cox for Halloween
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Greeting devotees after their 'Betrayal' performance on Broadway, the 'Thor' actor and 'The Defenders' star have fun dressing up as each other's Loki and Daredevil.

AceShowbiz - Actors Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox thrilled fans on Broadway on Halloween eve, October 30, by dressing up as one another's Marvel superhero characters.

The two Brits are currently starring together in a revival of Harold Pinter play "Betrayal", and they decided to have a little fun by trading costumes to greet devotees after their Wednesday night performance, with Hiddleston channelling his inner Daredevil and Cox portraying Loki.

They were joined outside the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre by their Broadway castmates Zawe Ashton and Eddie Arnold, who appeared as Captain Marvel and Captain America, respectively.

"We switched!" Cox told TV show "New York Live" about their superhero costume swap. "That was Tom's idea and it was such a clever idea...."

Cox reveals the red cowl Hiddleston wore as Daredevil for the spooky holiday festivities was actually a gift from a fan, "Funnily enough..., the cowl that Tom is wearing, that was not part of the costume, but a fan had sent it to me when we were in London (for the West End production of 'Betrayal'), and so I had it in the dressing room (here in New York)...."

"It didn't fit me, it was too big for me, but he tried it on and it fit."

And Cox, who played Daredevil on the recently-cancelled Marvel TV series for Netflix, admits he was relieved when he was able to take off the elaborate get-up he had to wear as the Norse god of mischief, who is portrayed by Hiddleston in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"The Loki costume was pretty uncomfortable!" he shared. "I said to him (Hiddleston), 'I don't envy you!' "

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