Eminem Gets a Visit From Secret Service Due to Anti-Trump Lyrics
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According to a new report, the Slim Shady was interrogated by secret service agents who were concerned about his 'threatening' and 'inappropriate' lyrics.

AceShowbiz - Eminem was interviewed by Secret Service agents over lyrics about President Donald Trump and his daughter.

A new report obtained by BuzzFeed through the Freedom of Information Act confirms top Trump aides were concerned about the rapper's freestyle rap at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, in which he talked about dropping boiling coffee on the U.S. leader, and his track "Framed", which featured the lyric, "How the f**k is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?"

According to the outlet, Eminem and his legal team met with Secret Service officials in January 2018, but rather than being discouraged to write anti-Trump lyrics, the rap star used the get together as inspiration, and months later he released the album "Kamikaze", which featured The Ringer - and the lyrics: "Cause Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service / To meet in person to see if I really think of hurting him."

According to the Freedom of Information report, the Secret Service called the lyrics on "Framed" "threatening" and suggested Eminem was "exhibiting inappropriate behavior." The officials also reportedly asked Eminem about a 2017 Vulture interview, in which he said Trump "makes my blood boil."

Following the interview with Eminem, the Secret Service agents opted not to refer the case to a federal prosecutor.

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