Angela Yee Unfollows Charmalagne Tha God on Instagram Because of Gucci Mane?

Charmalagne recently had a sit-down with the platinum-selling rapper in which he talked about his alleged ban from The Breakfast Club and his feud with Angela and DJ Envy.

AceShowbiz - There seems to be a rift between Angela Yee and Charmalagne Tha God as the former has tapped the unfollow button on Charmalagne's Instagram profile. Judging by Angela's recent social media activity, it seems like the action has something to do with her "The Breakfast Club" co-host's recent interview with Gucci Mane.

Charmalagne recently had a sit-down titled "Growth with Gucci: A Conversation with Gucci Mane and Charlamagne Tha God" with the platinum-selling rapper in which he talked about his alleged ban from "The Breakfast Club" and his feud with Angela and DJ Envy. Following the unexpected interview, Angela was caught liking a Twitter post shading her co-host.

"That damn @cthagod is JUST a co-worker and not a friend! lol @angelayee @djency yall have been warned," read the post. Shortly after, it was revealed that Angela and Charmalagne are no longer following each other on Instagram.

"Charla ain't loyal to nobody but his immediate family he don't give af," one user commented on the whole thing. Coming at Charmalagne's defense, another user wrote, "Charlemagne did nothing wrong. Gucci was never banned, that was Angela and Envy."

Someone else pointed out that Charmalagne was never on Angela's side amid her beef with Guwop, who previously claimed during his 2016 appearance that she was making move on him though she denied vehemently. "When has he even stood up for her ?? He laughed in her face when Gucci called her out soooo what were ya expect," the person wrote.

During Gucci's interview with Charmalagene, the rapper also went on slamming DJ Envy who joined Yee in a reprised segment of Club Court to talk about the rumors. "And DJ Envy -- he's a p***y, too. Envy's p***y, man," he blasted Envy.

"The day he did the people's court thing -- he was there. Him and the girl or whatever," Gucci added. "So he ain't have the nuts to come after he did that. I was going to confront him too. I was going to say, 'Hey man, you got something to say to me?' I just wanted to see what he was going to say."

Explaining that he would confront Envy, Gucci added, "I'ma confront him about what he and Angela did, and if he come at me wrong, I'ma slap the s**t out of him … It ain't gonna be his first time getting slapped."

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