JWoww Furious at Angelina for Knocking on Her Door to Ask for Threesome With Zack
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Jenni Farley calls out her 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' co-star Angelina Pivarnick after the latter showed up at her door and wants to have a threesome with her beau Zack Carpinello.

AceShowbiz - Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick butted heads again following the latest episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation". The two girls got into a catfight on social media after Angelina knocked on JWoww's door and proposed a threesome with the latter's boyfriend Zack Carpinello.

Angelina defended herself, saying it was just a joke and she wasn't into threesome at all. "I even knocked on their door and was laughing," she tweeted. "That scene was after the pool and after the fight him and I had. I never had a three some in my life and I sure as hell wouldn't want one at 33 years old."

JWoww scoffed at her reasoning. "Oh ok that makes sense," she mocked. "Glad what you did was a joke, and u grinding on him was a joke... and u kissing him was a joke.. BUT when he joked back, you made it seem like he was a creep and destroyed him in interview. Got it. Makes total sense now."


JWoww clashed with Angelina

She later added that she "found the whole night funny and no big deal." However, she had issues with Angelina's hypocrisy as she explained, "What I don't like is when someone says how fun the night was (in text) and then goes in front of a camera and says the opposite."

When a fan called her out for getting mad at Angelina but not at Zack, JWoww replied, "Who said I'm not mad at both? Both are idiots but they instigated each other... only difference is Angelina gets to talk about it on the show... like if you were that uncomfortable tell me.. don't tell others and text me how much fun it was."

JWoww announced last week that she broke up with Zack after she saw on television how he flirted with Angelina in Las Vegas while she drunkenly passed out. She put her boyfriend and castmate on blast, saying that she felt betrayed and disrespected by both of them.

While Angelina insisted that Zack's attention was unwanted, JWoww claimed otherwise. Zack later apologized to the two girls, saying he loved JWoww and promised no repeat of his inappropriate behavior.

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