Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey 'Pushing' for 'The Office' Reunion

The cast members of the hit sitcom admit they understand why fans are asking for a reunion after rewatching the series in preparation for their 'Office Ladies' podcast.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are "pushing" for a "The Office" reunion after falling in love with the TV comedy all over again while prepping for their new podcast series.

The two pals have teamed up for "Office Ladies", in which they watch an episode of the show each week and offer up stories from behind the scenes, and Jenna, who played receptionist Pam on the U.S. version of the hit show, admits now she's rewatching the series she can understand why fans want some kind of get together.

"Before we started our podcast and (started) rewatching the show, I was getting a little tired of people asking me about it (reunion)," she told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen. "I am so in. Now we are big, supernerd fans".

"I don't think there's ever gonna be a reboot, but we really want an 'Office' reunion".

"We're pushing," Kinsey, who portrayed Angela, added. "We aren't in control of anything... but we'd love a movie".

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