Chrisette Michele Doesn't Want to Settle Down After Doug Ellison Divorce: It Makes Me Throw Up

In her new blog post, the Grammy winner says that her divorce from her manager makes her realize that he desired things that typically come from a traditional marriage, and it's against her ideals.

AceShowbiz - There is something that Chrisette Michele learned from her marriage to Doug Ellison, and that is the realization that the idea of getting married and settling down doesn't fit her. In a new blog post, the Grammy winner opens up about her divorce from her manager and reveals the reason why the two ended their marriage after two years.

Saying how she realized that Doug desired things that typically come with a traditional marriage, she explains, "I think I got married to try adulting on for size. Didn't fit. My ex had latched onto the idea that adulting was a 'thing,' and I'd never gotten the memo. Sure I brought home fairly large slabs of bacon, made up the bed and opened a few businesses but..."

Chrisette adds, "It wasn't until after we divorced that I realized he had the intentions of living in the same city, raising small opinionated beasts who would grow in my stomach, and eating at the same restaurant every Sunday." Learning these kinds of action are what you called "settling down," the singer makes it clear that she wasn't a fan. Rather, it makes her throw up "in my mouth a little."

Despite that, she isn't against the idea of having a "couple of forever," but she's not after it right now as saying, "Love is... nice. I'm open minded. I'll try new things... but ummm... it's quitely too late that I'll ever grow up." She goes on noting, "This is MY human experience. I'm patient enough to watch my life unfold, trust God to forgive, reveal and restore and move forward. I fall. I get embarrassed. I stay at moms, eat good, then take my vitamins and get back out there."

"Am I 'on the market'? You can't buy me. Am I 'single'? I'm complete," she continues. "Loving me is complicated, mostly because I'm content. Kids don't love people because they have a nice house and diamonds. Kids love people because they smile, laugh at their jokes, spend time on the couch and at the movies. I'm a kid that way. ...don't need anything but the simply, beautiful, present human."

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