'Resident Evil' Producers Fire Back at Stuntwoman's On-Set Crash Lawsuit

Impact Pictures, the company behind 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter', challenges Olivia Jackson's accusation of unsafe stunt by claiming she filed the suit to help promote her new biography.

AceShowbiz - The producers of the final "Resident Evil" movie have fired back at the stuntwoman who lost her arm on set after she filed a lawsuit blaming them for her injuries.

Milla Jovovich's stunt double in the film, Olivia Jackson, is suing director Paul W.S. Anderson, the production company and others associated with 2016's "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter", insisting bad timing was responsible for an "unsafe" motorcycle stunt that went awry and cost her a limb.

But in new legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Impact Pictures bosses claim Jackson rehearsed the stunt twice before a final run-through and never raised any concerns.

They also allege Jackson was riding the motorcycle faster than she did in rehearsal, according to an insurance investigation, and she could have avoided the collision by simply braking.

The defendants claim they have footage to prove she was at fault.

In her lawsuit, the stuntwoman also claimed the company's insurance policy wasn't good enough to cover her injuries.

Impact Pictures executives insist Jackson has filed suit in Los Angeles to help promote her new biography. The defendants' lawyers insist the case belongs in a South African courthouse, because that's where the accident took place.

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