Farrah Abraham Offers Fans a $5K Romantic Date
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The former 'Teen Mom' cast member opened up about the expensive date while attending the WeTv 'Marriage Boot Camp' event at Skybar in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 15.

AceShowbiz - Now fans can have a date with Farrah Abraham. It's not free though, since people need to pay a whopping $5K to enjoy the expensive date with the "Teen Mom" alum.

The reality TV opened up about the matter while attending the WeTv "Marriage Boot Camp" event at Skybar in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 15. "My time is worth a lot of money," the 28-year-old said to TooFab. "Honestly I don't really need to go on dates right now. I'm so focused on work and just everything I got going on. So yeah, pulling me away from what I love in my life, I think you can pay me for my time."

"Other women who don't get paid for their time and who are just giving their time away," she went on explaining. "Well, I don't really see anything great coming out of that so...you should always monetize your time. I mean you're monetizing online, why not in real life?"

Farrah then shared that she wouldn't just accept any payment, adding that her potential suitors get background checked and screened. She would also guard herself with security during the special occasion.

During the interview, the MTV personality also weighed in on whether women should pay for the meal while on a date or not. "I would say that is a danger zone and women should really stay away from paying for any meals on dates," she said. "Women in general, like they should have the doors open for them. Men need to prove their worth. Like why are men around if they're not doing the manly duties that they should?"

"If you can't inspire a woman, if you can't lift her up and you can't help her in some kind of way and make her life amazing, then wow, I mean, I could do everything on my own," she concluded.

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