Kanye West on His Renewed Faith: 'I Came Out of Darkness Into the Light'

The 'Jesus Walks' rapper's pastor Adam Tyson says the star made the admission while he explained the atonement of Jesus Christ through the gospel, which was apparently the turning point for Kanye to swift away from secular music.

AceShowbiz - After regularly holding a Sunday Service, Kanye West is marking his renewed faith in Christ with his upcoming album "Jesus Is King". While the 42-year-old star himself hasn't talked much about his spiritual awakening, his pastor Adam Tyson has discussed it in an interview on the Pure Flix podcast.

Adam, who has been teaching Kanye bible study over the past few months, says that the rapper first connected with him after he believed he had been "radically saved" this past April. "He started meeting with me in my office [after service]," Adam explains. "And I spent about three hours just going through the gospel, make sure he understood clearly about the atonement of Jesus Christ ... and he's like, 'Hey, man, I told you I've been radically saved. I believe that message, and I want to get that message out to the world.' "

When Adam asked Kanye what led him to being "radically saved," the hip-hop star supposedly told Adam, "I was just under the weight of my sin. And I was being convicted that I was running from God. And I knew I needed to make things right. So, I came to Christ. I came out of darkness into the light."

On how the father of four has changed following his renewed faith, the the Californian preacher shares, "If somebody cusses in his presence, I've heard him say a couple of times, 'Hey, man, you can't cuss when you're with me. I'm a born-again Christian.' " Adam adds, "Who's gonna say that if they're not meaning that they want Christ to be exalted in all that they do?"

Kanye's journey from "darkness into the light" apparently inspired his shift from secular music to gospel. Adam says the musician looked for him for religious guidance in his lyrics and they began "hanging out in the studio, working on the 'Jesus Is King' album. He wants me to listen to different lyrics, different songs and help tweak parts of it."

"It's not like I'm writing the song. It's all of his work," Adam explains. "He's the complete creator, creative kind of guy. He's the musician. I'm just making comments the way I see it [on] how to articulate the gospel more clearly, and how to include the component of worship, which that was his idea."

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