Christina Aguilera Cries as She Recalls Suffering From Domestic Violence as a Child

The 'Fighter' hitmaker bursts into tears as she opens up on the painful story from her childhood when accepting a domestic violence award at a Las Vegas event.

AceShowbiz - Christina Aguilera paid a tearful tribute to domestic violence victims and their support systems while accepting a philanthropy award from a shelter on Thursday night, October 3.

The "Beautiful" singer was awarded the Community Hero trophy from The Shade Tree Shelter in Las Vegas for her contributions to the organisation, and she broke down in tears during an emotional acceptance speech.

"It's (domestic violence) just disgusting, it happens far too much to people that we do love and it is very dear to my heart because I did grow up a survivor of it, as I'm sure many of you are and are affected by it," she told the audience in a video obtained by TMZ.

Christina moved on to reveal she drew from her experiences as a witness to domestic violence while writing songs.

"It's so important the work that you put into this and that so many volunteers and your donations (contribute), they do mean so much to me because it's such a part of who I am and the music that I make," she continued through tears. "The lyrics that I write from 'Fighter' to 'Beautiful', everything, it truly does come from the heart. If it doesn't feel genuine to me, I just don't do it, because authenticity is so important."

"That's why I don't mind the tears and the lashes coming off because there's more important things in life than an eyelash, right?"

Mum-of-two Christina recounted the terror of having to flee domestic violence when she was a child. "In saying that, I'm just so happy and honoured to be able to donate to this charity in particular," she added. "Growing up I would have to escape in the middle of the night with my little sister and my mother and literally drive across the country, and luckily I had my grandmother who took us in, but if it wasn't for that I would have needed to come to a place and a resource like this."

The star ended her tearful speech by thanking domestic violence volunteers and aides at the shelter.

"I'm truly grateful for all of you who really take the time to understand the people that come through the door," she stated. "It must be so hard to hear their stories and to do the work and to be as strong as you are for them so I am so appreciative of you, you all truly just deserve this award."

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