'Basketball Wives': Malaysia Pargo Calls Jackie Christie 'Old Face Young H*e'

Echoing Malaysia's comments, Feby Torres slams Jackie for talking behind her back after previously trying to bond with her as they both lost their loved ones to cancer.

AceShowbiz - The ladies in "Basketball Wives" season 8 continue to be divided. In a sneak peek for upcoming episode 15, it could be seen that Shaunie O'Niel, Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia Pargo, Kristen Scott and Feby Torres are gathering at the villa during their trip in Costa Rica while waiting for CeCe Gutierrez, Jackie Christie and OG a.k.a. Ogum Chijindu to arrive.

In the video, OG can be heard warning the other ladies not to piss them off during the trip. "If these ladies are smart, they will not give CeCe, Jackie and I a reason to give them s**t on this trip," she says in a confessional. Judging by the clip, however, a drama is seemingly inevitable.

Before even meeting each other, the other ladies aren't hesitant in dragging the others. Feby takes a jab at the three as she implies that she doesn't want to deal with them. "Keep geriatric Jackie, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jr. and bozo a** CeCe away from me. Period," she says.

Malaysia, who was previously involved in a physical altercation with Jackie, shares the same sentiment. "I just really don't feel like dealing with no old face young h**s," she remarks. "Jackie. She is a old face young h**. She has an old face and she acts young." Evelyn appears to like the new title for Jackie, saying, "That's a good one."

Echoing Malaysia's comments, Feby adds, " 'Cause you messy. 'Cause you always running your mouth and you smiling and you giving people gifts and you doing all of this and then whn I'm not around, it's like, 'Yeah, Feby said this. Feby said that.' Yeah, she did say that song was about you."

"I'm just really upset on why she feels the need to go back and say things about me when I thought that we were getting to know each other and we had similarities," she continues ranting in a confessional. "You tried to bond with me and tell me that your mother passed away from cancer knowing that my grandfather just passed away from cancer. And then you try to play me and try to make all of these issue, all of that was bulls**t."

As for Kristen, she admits that she has no problem with CeCe and OG. "At this point, I'm so okay with CeCe. I love CeCe, she's amazing. And OG don't bother me neither as long as she wants to leave her arguments in her villa," she shares. "But Jackie, she has bad energy and she just made up a whole bunch of bulls**t. I don't feel like dealing with that in Costa Rica."

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