Afton Williamson Urges Hollywood to 'Actually Do Something' in Response to 'The Rookie' Probe

After her sexual harassment and racial discrimination allegations were dismissed by eOne, the 'Otherhood' actress turns to Instagram to share her devastation over the investigation's findings.

AceShowbiz - Afton Williamson has expressed her heartbreak after an investigation into her allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination on the set of police drama "The Rookie" found "no inappropriate behaviour."

Williamson made her claims this summer as she announced she would not be returning to the show, writing in an Instagram post that she had been subjected to multiple incidents of inappropriate behaviour from members of the crew and a guest star.

Following her allegations, TV bosses at eOne launched an investigation, and announced on Tuesday, September 17, that they'd concluded "that those identified in Ms. Williamson's allegations did not conduct themselves in an unlawful manner or demonstrate behavior inappropriate for the workplace."

Shortly after the statement was released, Afton returned to her Instagram post to tell her fans she'd been left devastated by the investigation's findings.

"What saddens me the most is that the lengths that were taken to Deceive, Lie, and Cover Up the Truth, were far greater than those made to Protect and Maintain a Safe Working Environment for Employees," she wrote. "It's Heartbreaking for everyone on that set; Past and Present. And for every Actor out there who Stands in the Face Of Harassment and Discrimination, Assault and Injustice."

"My Speaking the Truth, Standing up for myself, and Leaving an Unsafe Work Environment, Changed things for a lot of people: Black Women, Artists, Actors, Victims, and Survivors of Injustice and Discrimination; Gave Hope and a Promise that things Will Change; that things ARE CHANGING. And that is Not in Vain."

She concluded her lengthy post by saying Hollywood has "got to do better as an industry".

"It's just Talk until you actually Do Something," she finished.

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