Larry King's Estranged Wife Shawn Tearfully Addresses 'Hurtful' Divorce: 'I Was Totally Blindsided'

In a new interview, Shawn Southwick King stresses that she still loves the 85-year-old legendary broadcaster despite the divorce and refuses to paint him as a villain.

AceShowbiz - Shawn Southwick King has broken her silence on her divorce from Larry King after one month. In an interview with Daily Mail TV, the 59-year-old broke down in tears as she admitted she was left hurt and crushed by the divorce since she didn't know he would do that.

Talking to the site, Shawn revealed that she learned of him filing for divorce when she was at a football game with her brother. "I was crushed, I had no idea that this was coming, it hurt yeah. I was totally blindsided," she told the site, stressing that she still loves the broadcaster despite the divorce and refuses to paint him as a villain.

"I'm sad, I never expected to be at this place in my life, in our lives and have this happen in such a public way," Shawn continued. "I don't think, again I'm not in Larry's head, I refuse to believe that he intended to humiliate me. It's strange, I can't quite wrap my head around it, but it is what it is … it hurts."

And while Shawn didn't know the reason why he filed for divorce, she hinted that it might have something to do with Larry's ongoing health issue. Back in April, he was hospitalized ahead of a scheduled heart procedure. She said, "He's going through a lot right now... his health issues, that can really shake you to your core. It shook me to my core to see him so vulnerable and he doesn't remember two solid weeks of time. It's life, it's real, it's not fun."

Still, Shawn doesn't give up hope that Larry will one day change his mind. "We're a very passionate couple, neither of us are quiet, we're horrible at divorce, we tried but we didn't ever quite get there, but you know, we'll see what happens. It has been weeks and I haven't been served," she noted.

Larry's lawyer confirmed on August 20 that the star had filed for divorce from Shawn after nearly 22 years of marriage. While the lawyer did not provide any details about their divorce, according to documents that circulated online, Larry cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and listed the date of separation as June 6.

This is his seventh divorce. Larry was previously married to Julie Alexander, Sharon Lepore, Alene Akins, Mickey Sutphin, Annette Kaye and Freda Miller.

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