Roseanne Barr Believes ABC Conspired to 'Steal Her Life's Work' With Sitcom Firing

In an interview with Daily Mail newspaper, the former star of 'Roseanne' additionally accuses co-star Sara Gilbert of being responsible for the cancellation of the sitcom revival.

AceShowbiz - Roseanne Barr has slammed executives at ABC, calling her firing from the sitcom "Roseanne", "an excuse to steal my life's work".

The actress was rendered jobless after the reboot of her much-loved show was cancelled in May (2018), after she tweeted that Valerie Jarrett, an adviser to former U.S. President Barack Obama, looked like the result of the "Muslim brotherhood" and "planet of the apes having a baby".

While the 66-year-old quickly deleted the tweet and later apologised, blaming the sleeping pill Ambien for the ill-judged remarks, the show was ultimately cancelled - and the comedian told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper she believes the network was conspiring against her all along.

"It was a perfect storm, kind of a little bit too perfect," she claimed of her firing from the show, which originally ran from 1988 to 1997, before it's 2018 revival. "Sometimes I think, ‘Was this orchestrated?' The whole thing in asking me back."

Barr also criticised former co-star Sara Gilbert, who called out the actress' words as "abhorrent", and claimed it was her who "got the show canceled".

Insisting the pair hadn't spoken since, she added of her former on-screen daughter: "When somebody just doesn't care how their actions affect you, what's there to talk about?".

While Roseanne was left out of work following the scandal, the majority of the show's cast reunited for spin-off "The Conners" - which Barr insisted she hasn't watched.

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