Scott Disick Goes Off on Kris Jenner's BF Corey Gamble for Saying He'll Spank His Daughter

The 'Flip It Like Disick' star is definitely not having it when the business executive insists that hitting 7-year-old Penelope is a part of disciplining the little girl.

AceShowbiz - Scott Disick won't let anyone lay a hand on his children, not even the lovers of his closest friends. In a sneak peak at an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", the restaurateur goes off on Kris Jenner's beau Corey Gamble after he says that he will hit Scott's daughter Penelope if she ever does anything bad to him.

This, obviously, doesn't sit well with Scott, who is enjoying dinner with the business executive, Kris, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian when Corey tells him, "If P scratch me, I whipping her a**. Give her a spanking for sure." Scott reacts rather strongly to Corey's remarks, but the latter insists that spanking her is a part of disciplining the little girl.

In response, the "Flip It Like Disick" star hits back, "Don't ever talk about a child like that! Motherf***er what are you talking about? Get the f**k out of here!" Corey immediately answers fiercely, "I'm not retracting a f***ing word I said! I said what the f**k I said!"

Kim Kardashian, who is watching the whole scene plays out in front of her, looks concerned, while Kourtney says in a confessional that the moment is "shocking."

People have been showing their support for Scott over this issue, pointing out that Corey doesn't have the right to give such opinion because it's not his business. "Scott has right to be pissed, don't tell him how to raise HIS children!!" one notes. "It's not Corey's business what Scott and Kourtney do with their child. He needs to stay out of it," another says.

Scott shares Penelope with Kourtney, who is also the baby mama of his sons Reign and Mason. Even after their split a few years ago, the exes continue to co-parent their children amicably and often go on a vacation together.

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