Donald Trump Mocked After Calling Barron 'Melania's Son' Instead of 'Theirs'

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and many Twitter users are roasting the President for seemingly forgetting that Barron is his son too when talking about the dangers of vaping.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump's parenting skills are questioned after he referred to his son Barron in a bizarre way. The President was talking about the dangers of vaping in front of reporters at the White House when he referred to Barron as "Melania's son" instead of "theirs."

"Vaping has become a very big business, as I understand it, like a giant business in a very short period of time. But we can't allow people to get sick, and we can't have our youth be so affected," Trump said, announcing that he would ban flavored e-cigarettes, with the First Lady sitting silently right next to him.

Noting that it has also become a big concern for his wife Melania, Trump added, "And that's how the First Lady got involved. She's got a son...together that is a - a beautiful young man. And she feels very, very strongly about it."

After the video went viral, people can't help mocking the President for seemingly forgetting that Barron is his son too. After playing the clip on his "Late Show" on Wednesday night, September 11, Stephen Colbert quipped, "Nice save, buddy."

Imitating the President's voice, he added, "First lady has got a son-together-it's a mutual son, of course, I'm very involved with the doings of it, and so is the first lady, who is a lovely mother, together, who I love and know her name so well that I won't waste your time saying it out loud. So...Tim Apple."

Trevor Noah also discussed it on his "Daily Show". He slowly repeated Trump's line to give a dramatic effect, "She's got a son?" He continued, "You mean the son she made with you? How on Earth does Trump forget that he has a son? He's like the world's worst dad."

The South African comedian then compared Trump to Darth Vader. "At least Darth Vader claimed his son. If Trump was the Dark Lord, he would be like, 'Luke, she is your mother.' "

Others weighed in on it via Twitter. A baffled user asked, "Can someone explain to me this collection of words? Does he suggest he's not Barron's dad? Does he call Barron 'it'?" Another enthused, "I wonder who the father is?"

Someone else claimed, "Trump forgot his son's name, reveals Barron isn't a consideration (NPD, no benefit to him) then realizes that looks bad, says 'together' acknowledging he's the father. This is dementia and attempted recovery. Mel looks like she wants to disappear."

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