Photo of Future's Alleged Child With New Baby Mama Cindy Renae Surfaces

In the photo that makes its way out online, the baby whose name is Legend Ary is seen sleeping in a basket that is covered with the flag of the United States.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Future is a father of eight, not seven. Rumors have been swirling that the Atlanta native has fathered another child with a new baby mama, Cindy Renae, and now a photo of his alleged eighth child has made its way online.

In one photo that surfaced online, the little bundle of joy was seen sleeping in a basket that was covered with the United States' flag. Cindy additionally posted on her Instagram account a video of her holding her baby son who looked adorable in a red T-shirt and a blue-and-white suspender. "Sheesh! God Really Blessed Me Happy 1 Month My Love," she wrote in the caption, revealing that the name of her son is Legend Ary.

Legend's full name remains unknown, though Cindy hinted that his initial is L.A.W. This led people to speculate that the W stands for Wilburn, which is Future's last name. "L.A.W Is he also a Wilburn??? I love his name tho!" one Instagram user wrote. Someone else gushed, "HE IS SO CUTE... I GUESS FUTURE WANTS A FOOTBALL TEAM... CONGRATULATIONS."

Rumors of Future having another child were first started by Eliza Reign, who recently sued the "Fine China" rapper over the paternity of her four-month-old daughter. Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote, "So since My baby deserves the mistreatment cuz I'm an 'clout chasing IG model' ask him why he did the same exact thing to Cindy? His newest baby mother who doesn't dance, model or use IG like that."

She continued, "He's clearly the problem. Not the kids or the mothers. He goes around making promises and babies, then disrespects you and disappears."

Future has yet to comment on the rumors.

As for Eliza's case itself, she stated in court documents that was filed in Broward County, Florida that Future stopped contacting her after she gave birth. She is now asking a judge to declare Future as the father of her daughter and force him to pay child support. She also wants Future to be made to pay retroactive child support as well as covering the hospital expenses she incurred during her pregnancy.

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