'Power' Fans Upset After Joe Is Replaced by Trey Songz on Theme Song

One fan uses star 50 Cent's signature line while demanding celebrities who owed him money to pay him back to make him bring back Joe, writing, 'WE NEED JOE BACK BY MONDAY!!!!'

AceShowbiz - "Power" fans were taken aback when they learned about the alteration made for the show's theme song. The rage was stemmed from the fact that R&B singer Joe had been replaced by Trey Songz on the show's "Big Rich Town" theme for season 6 of the Starz's series, which debuted on August 25.

Joe had been carrying the vocal duties for the song alongside star and executive producer 50 Cent, and the sudden alteration didn't seem to be welcomed by most fans. Upon learning the change, they quickly took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

"Who told @50cent to take Joe off the intro & add #TreySongz? He changed the lyrics too!" one fan tweeted. Not holding back, another fan said, "The new theme song sucks."

Another fan urged "Power" to reinstate Joe on the song, writing, "I knew that was trey songz singing the power theme song. They need to bring my boy joe back next episode lol." Echoing the same sentiment, one other user wrote, "Man I love Trey Songz but I need the Original Joe version of Big Rich Town, I'm upset already .. Going to the gym to watch power on the Bike , I'm sure it will help get my heart rate up."

Following the backlash over the new remix, Fofty responded in an Instagram post, asking fans to "chill out." Alongside of a clip of the new song, the "Candy" hitmaker wrote, "Damn it man y'all just wanta f**k with me today, talking bout put my song back or I'm a f**k you up 50 chill out alright, did you like the episode?"

Fans, however, doubled down the criticism in the comment section. "I felt rich when joe sang it now I feel poor," one user said. Meanwhile, one other used Fofty's signature line while demanding fellow celebrities who owed him money to pay him back to make him bring back Joe. "WE NEED JOE BACK BY MONDAY!!!!" the fan insisted.

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