Tom Arnold's Ex-Wife Accused Him of Leaving Their Young Children Home Alone

In his response to Ashley Groussman's allegations, the 'Madea's Witness Protection' actor assures that Jax and Quinn 'were not at risk of harm at any time' prior to the police's welfare check.

AceShowbiz - Actor Tom Arnold and his ex-wife are at war again after she called the police on the "True Lies" star, fearing their kids weren't safe in his care.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Ashley Groussman claims she received a FaceTime call from her sobbing six-year-old son, Jax, who told her his father and a babysitter had left him and his sister alone.

Arnold reportedly returned while mother and son were chatting and ended the iPad call, only for her daughter, Quinn, to allegedly call Groussman later "crying hysterically" and asking mum to pick her up.

Ashley maintains she was forced to call in law enforcement to check on the kids' welfare after heading over to Arnold's home, where she was told she couldn't see her sleeping children.

"Tom was behaving so erratically‚ I called the police and asked them to do a welfare check on the minor children, and to meet me at the house," she says.

Cops performed a welfare check and left.

Ashley's request for a restraining order against Tom has been denied.

Arnold filed for divorce earlier this year and the couple settled a custody battle in June.

Details regarding the current custody arrangements have not been made public, but Groussman originally asked for legal and physical custody of the children, as well as spousal support, while Arnold wanted joint custody.

Tom has responded to his ex-wife's allegations, claiming he left Jax at home for about 10 minutes so he and Quinn could "look at the moon".

When he returned Groussman started yelling at him via the FaceTime app on his son's iPad.

"Both of our children were in the room and heard her," he explains. "I asked Ashley to stop yelling. Ashley did not calm down, so I ended the FaceTime call. I then calmed Jax and Quinn down using the tools suggested by the therapist that morning. The children went to bed thereafter.

"The children were not at risk of harm at any time."

The judge who ruled against Ashley's restraining order request has now called for an evidentiary hearing, set for September 6.

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