Olivia Munn Fires Back at Troll Making Fun of Her 'Cottage Cheese' Thighs Due to Cellulite

Before Munn personally responds to the troll, her followers jump to her defence with one writing back to the hater, 'Am I blind??? What f***ing cellulite? She's freaking perfect.'

AceShowbiz - People seemingly really need to watch what they say online. A fan successfully pissed actress Olivia Munn off with a comment s/he left on the 39-year-old actress and model's Instagram post in which she shared a photo of her looking stunning as usual while being relaxed on a lounge.

"The Predator" star treated her 2.4 million followers to a photo of her donning a mauve shirt with a white mini-skirt. The skirt allowed Munn to show off her legs for everyone to see as she sported natural makeup for the sunny outing. "xo," so she simply captioned the pic.

While other people were gushing over Munn's beauty, one person decided to focus on an entirely different thing. Mocking her cellulite, the person said, "Cottage cheese."

Before Munn personally responded to the troll, her followers jumped to her defence. "Am I blind??? What f***ing cellulite? She's freaking perfect," one fan wrote. Another one added, "Do you not realize all women have cellulite when they cross their legs like that?? Do you not realize all of the pictures you see in magazines are photoshopped??? I have met Olivia. Not only is she beautiful but she is kind, funny and extremely smart!!!"

Munn later snapped back at the hater, noting that the imperfection made her look like any other normal woman. "What woman doesn't have cellulite??" she said. "It's not gonna stop me from posting a pic."

Fans loved her clapback as one praised her reaction, "Seriously... if that's cellulite then you make it look amazing. You handled the responded with class and humour. Which makes you even more amazing. Don't listen to men who are just trying to get a rise out of you."

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