Danny Trejo Turns Into Real-Life Hero After Rescuing Baby in Overturned Car

The 'Machete' actor immediately jumps into action when he witnesses a car overturns onto its roof following a collision in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Even though Danny Trejo is best known for his villain roles, he is actually a hero in real life. On Wednesday, August 7, the 75-year-old actor rushed to save a baby who was involved in a car accident in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles on Hubbard Street and Jackman Avenue.

According to multiple reports, Trejo was in the neighborhood when two cars collided, causing one to overturn onto its roof with a baby strapped into a car seat inside. Immediately jumping into action, the "Machete" star crawled underneath the wreck but couldn't unbuckle the child's seat belt from his angle. Fortunately, another bystander stepped in and helped Trejo rescue the child.

"He was panicked," Trejo said of the boy to the reporters. "I said, 'OK, we have to use our superpowers.' So he screamed 'Superpowers!' and we started yelling 'Superpowers!' I said, 'Do this, with the muscles.' He said, 'Muscles.' We got kind of a bond. I kept facing him away from the accident."

As of why he decided to step in to help the poor child, the "Spy Kids" star said, "Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else."

The Los Angeles Fire Department said three people were sent to a hospital following the incident, but there were no life-threatening injuries. The cause of the incident remains under investigation, though Trejo alleged that one of the drivers ran a red light.

Often playing as a villain and an antihero in numerous Hollywood films, Trejo is most recognized as the character Machete, who was first introduced in "Spy Kids" movie franchise before getting its own series of films that was aimed at a more adult audience. His other credits include "Breaking Bad", "Brooklyn Nine Nine", "The Flash" and "Sons of Anarchy".

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