Serena Williams on Criticism of Her Style: 'I'm Just So Past It'
Sports Illustrated

Featured on Sports Illustrated's 2019 Fashionable 50 list, the Grand Slam champion insists that she is never worried about what other people think of her since she has too much to worry about.

AceShowbiz - Serena Williams is never worried about what people think of her style.

U.S. magazine Sports Illustrated has released its fourth annual Fashionable 50 list, honouring the most stylish athletes in sports, and the tennis champ, who recently lost to Simona Halep in the Wimbledon Ladies Singles final, is a winner in the style stakes.

Serena has become famous for her bold style, and has often come in for criticism because of it, but she admitted she spends very little time worrying about what others think of her.

"People always have things to say when you're wearing fashion. It could be good things. It could be bad things. I don't care what people say. I'm like just so past it - you could say whatever you want to say," she insisted to Sports Illustrated. "Honestly, you're allowed to have your opinion. My life is far too complicated to worry about people that want to say mean things. I have a daughter, I have a family, I have a career. I have too much to worry about."

Elsewhere in the interview the 37-year-old explained her whole career "has been really about tennis and fashion."

Serena studied at fashion school as a teenager and launched her own line S by Serena last year.

"I always try to make a statement when I walk out on the court - to be bold and to be unique and to kind of transcend," she said, explaining her clothing choices. "I always try to send the message of just being confident and being fierce."

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