Wendy Williams Asks Kim Kardashian to Help Release A$AP Rocky From Swedish Prison
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The makeup mogul previously contributed a major change in Alice Johnson's case, in which the grandmother was serving life in prison in Alabama for a nonviolent drug conviction.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to voice her support for A$AP Rocky, who has been in a Swedish prison for more than 2 weeks after he was involved in a street brawl. During the July 17 episode of her show, Wendy used the opportunity to make a public request to Kim Kardashian to help free the rapper.

"I think this is something Kim should get involved in, and I’ll tell you why," the 54-year-old TV personality said of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, who previously was involved with prison reform and has a good relationship with President Donald Trump. Wendy went on saying that Kim's "involved with the law right now, and this would be a big feather in her cap if she can make this happen."

"I don't think she should be the main person, but get in touch with a law firm… and they need to handle it and Kim needs to be in the shadows, quietly making it happen. Or, she needs to go to the white house and try to figure something out.. and Kanye [West], please ask your wife to make this happen," she pleaded. "Kim, if you're watching, Kris [Jenner] call Kim! I think she should get involved with this."

Kim previously contributed a major change after she was involved in cases such as Alice Johnson's. Alice is a grandmother who was serving life in prison in Alabama for a nonviolent drug conviction. After learning her story, Kim went to the Oval Office last year to meet the president and lobbied on her behalf. Her effort worked as Trump commuted Alice's sentence a few days later.

The makeup mogul has also revealed her plan for studying for the bar exam in 2022. The entrepreneur said in a May cover interview with Vogue that she began a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco last summer. "I had to think long and hard about this," Kim said at the time.

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky, whose real name Rakim Mayers, was arested on suspicion of assault in Stockholm on July 2 after an alleged street brawl following a performance in the city. He has been held in a Swedish prison, pending a decision from prosecutors on whether to pursue charges. Fellow hip-hop stars have been showing their supports for the "Wild for the Night" star by boycotting the country.

Prior to this, Rocky's manager, John Ehmann, publicly called out city authorities in a Change.org petition for what he claims are "horrific" and "inhumane conditions" at the Stockholm Detention Center, where his client and his pals are said to have been kept in solitary confinement, while their access to basic amenities and "palatable and life sustaining food" is said to be severely restricted.

However, Fredrik Wallin, who is in charge of the Kronoberg facility, is refuting Ehmann's allegations, insisting the detention centre is clean, was "recently renovated," and offers three daily meals to all inmates. "Normally, you live in a prison cell which consists of a desk, a bed with a mattress and a TV," Wallin tells the New York Post's Page Six in a statement.

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