Meghan Markle Appears to Get Told Off by Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour - Watch
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In a viral video from the ceremony, the Duchess is standing in front of her husband in the balcony before she later turns around slightly twice to say something to the Duke of Sussex.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle made her debut appearance at the annual Trooping the Colour last weekend after giving birth to her and Prince Harry's first child Archie Harrison. Given that fact, it was only natural for people to be focusing on the Duchess of Sussex during the festivity. Interestingly, a new video taken during the ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II saw a curious exchange between Meghan and husband Prince Harry.

In the viral video, the former "Suits" actress could be seen standing in front of her husband in the balcony. The new mom later turned around slightly twice to say something to Harry. According to a lip-reading expert, Prince Harry allegedly told his wife, "Yes, that's right," when she turned to him the first time.

The expert went on telling Daily Mail and the British royal added, "Turn around... look," when Meghan did it a second time. Meghan could then be seen awkwardly turning back to face the front. It was said that the short moment happened right before England's national anthem started playing. With that being said, it's understandable why Harry asked Meghan to face forward as it's the British Royal family's protocol to do so while it's playing.

Fans were amused by the video. One said, "I've watched that vid over and over again.... did he tell her to turn around?" Another fan responded, "Yes, he told her to either turn around or face the front aprox 3 times."

Another fan noted that Meghan looked uncomfortable after being corrected by Harry. "She definitely looked like she was fighting back tears," said the person.

It was previously reported that the Sussexes had decided to have a nanny to help the couple as Harry will be busy with his summer schedule in addition to Meghan planning a return to royal duties this fall. It was said that the British-born female nanny is not permanently based at Frogmore Cottage or working weekends.

The couple allegedly made their new nanny "to sign quite an extensive non-disclosure agreement" to protect the family's privacy. Royal commentator Katie Nicholl added that despite hiring a professional nanny, Meghan was still on hand with her baby boy. "Meghan's been up in the night nursing, feeding on demand every few hours," she explained. "Apparently he's a hungry little baby."

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