Fans Spread 'Missing' Posters of Nicki Minaj Across Town Due to Her Social Media Hiatus

Besides featuring a photo of the self-proclaimed black Barbie and her personal information, the missing posters also include details about her sex life as it's written that she has sex three times a night.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has once again made her fans worried for going on a social media hiatus without notifying her devotees beforehand. While some are simply wondering what the Young Money femcee is doing right now, some others have taken their worry to a new extreme by printing missing posters of their idol and spreading it across the town.

The posters feature a photo of Nicki as well as a list of her personal information such as age and race. Fans also include racy information about the "Anaconda" rapper, writing that their idol has sex three times a night. One poster lists the phone number to call in case of her sighting as "1-555-the-stans," while another gives "555-555-5555" as the phone number.

The last time Nicki ever posted something on social media was in mid-April, when she shared a link to her joint track with Chris Brown, "Wobble Up". As for her last public appearance, Nicki was last seen attending the 2019 Met Gala.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time Nicki made her fans worried with her social media hiatus. Last year, Nicki went missing from the public eye for months and when she returned, she made an announcement that she would be releasing her latest album "Queen".

Though there's a chance that Nicki is focusing on making music like last time, some fans assume that the self-proclaimed black Barbie is trying to hide her pregnancy. This rumor first sparked at this year's Met Gala when fans noticed that Nicki was acting strange and appeared to be distracted during an interview with Vogue reporter Liza Koshy.

"Nicki is acting strange. She's either sick, extremely stressed with a personal problem, or pregnant. I really hope it's pregnant," one said at the time. "I think Nicki Minaj is pregnant. This is my prediction. I could be wrong but idk, I just have a feeling," another wrote.

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