'Resident Evil' Producers Gear Up for Titanoboa Film

In addition to the yet-titled horror movie about the serpent from northeastern Colombia, Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer are also working on the forthcoming 'Monster Hunter' movie.

AceShowbiz - The team behind the "Resident Evil" film franchise are gearing up for a horror movie centring on the giant snake Titanoboa.

Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer are currently developing the "Untitled Titanoboa Project", which will debut in 2020. The filmmaking duo are also currently working on the forthcoming "Monster Hunter" movie.

The Titanoboa, an extinct species of serpent found in northeastern Colombia, is believed to be the largest snake on record.

Bolt and Kulzer's busy slate also includes the upcoming remake of the classic "Black Beauty", featuring Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy.

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