Meek Mill Asks to Be Dismissed From Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Philly rapper is accused of being responsible for the death of Jaquan Graves, one of the men who were killed outside his concert in Wallingford, Connecticut back in 2016.

AceShowbiz - It's been more than two years since two men were killed outside a Meek Mill concert, but the rapper has yet to settle a lawsuit accusing him of being responsible for the death. This time, he is seeking to dismiss himself from the lawsuit that Jaquan Graves' family filed against him.

In the lawsuit, the victim's mother blamed the venue, Oakdale Musical Theatre, and Meek for allowing "thugs" to remain on the premises, failing to take safety measures and failing to take measures to protect the audience after becoming aware of prior incidents that happened at Meek's concerts. She was referring to two incidents in 2011 and 2013 where patrons were shot or injured after his shows.

In 2017, the family then offered Meek to settle the case if he gave them $6 million.

However, it appears that Meek wants to be out of the lawsuit without spending any penny. According to The Blast, the Philly native has asked a judge to let him off the case by alleging that the victim was a participant in the shooting. He denied claim that at the time of the shooting, Jaquan was "unarmed and did not contribute to, incite or in any fashion participate in the melee." Instead, according to Meek, the victim was an instigator and/or participant in the melee.

Proving his innocence, Meek also claimed that police found gunshot residue on the decedent, "which indicate that he discharged a firearm" during the incident. In addition to that, the "Congratulations" rapper claimed that it was impossible for him to control random third parties.

Jaquan Graves and Travis Ward were killed after gunfire erupted outside Meek's concert in Wallingford, Connecticut back in 2016 while two other people were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Kyle Hampton and Tivon Edwards were then arrested in connection with the shooting and faced first-degree manslaughter and other charges.

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