The 'Bridget Jones's Diary' star completely transforms into the late silver-screen icon with her physical appearance and vocal that resemble 'The Wizard of Oz' actress.

AceShowbiz - Renee Zellweger is barely recognizable in the first teaser trailer for "Judy". The Academy Award-winning actress completely transforms into the late Hollywood legend Judy Garland in the newly-released sneak peek for the biopic.

The 50-year-old actress ditches her blonde hair and rocks short brunette do to portray Garland in the latter stage of her life. Not only her physical appearance and her acting, Zellweger channels Garland through singing. She delivers a poignant rendition of "Over the Rainbow".

Meanwhile, the scenes show Zellweger's Garland in various emotional states. It follows her life onstage, as an international star, as a mother, as a lover and a friend. Despite her mostly bright and cheerful appearances, she appears to hold pain deep within as she looks completely broken down in some scenes where she's featured alone. Another moment hints at turmoil in her romantic relationship.

"Judy" is an adaptation of the Olivier and Tony nominated 2012 Broadway play "End of the Rainbow" by Peter Quilter. It captures the life of the silver-screen icon one year before her death at 47 years old in 1969.

The official plot description reads, "Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland arrives in Swinging London to perform a five-week sold-out run at The Talk of the Town. It is 30 years since she shot to global stardom in 'The Wizard of Oz', but if her voice has weakened, its dramatic intensity has only grown."

"As she prepares for the show, battles with management, charms musicians and reminisces with friends and adoring fans, her wit and warmth shine through. Even her dreams of love seem undimmed as she embarks on a whirlwind romance with Mickey Deans, her soon-to-be fifth husband. Featuring some of her best-known songs, the film celebrates the voice, the capacity for love, and the sheer pizzazz of 'the world's greatest entertainer.' "

Finn Wittrock stars as Mickey Deans, Rufus Sewell is cast as Garland's third husband Sidney Luft, Michael Gambon portrays Bernard Delfont, and Darci Shaw plays young Garland, with Jessie Buckley, Bella Ramsey and Gemma-Leah Devereux in supporting roles. Rupert Goold directs the movie with the script provided by Tom Edge.

"I made it clear to Renee that I wasn't looking for an impersonation of Judy Garland's inimitable voice, but what I wanted was for Renee to make the songs her own," Goold said in a statement of Zellweger's musical performance in the trailer. "And this she did to thrilling effect."

The biopic is set for theatrical release in the U.S. on September 27. A soundtrack album of the movie, also titled "Judy", will be released on the same day, featuring Garland's songs performed by Zellweger. The record will mark "The Bridget Jones's Diary" star's first full solo album.

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