Porsha Williams Freaks Out After Family Refuses to Help Her With Pilar in Spin-Off Promo

Her fiance Dennis McKinley keeps silent during the argument which prompts the 37-year-old star, who gave birth to her first child in March, to snap at him and says, 'You're not helping!'

AceShowbiz - It's only days before "Porsha's Having a Baby" premieres on Bravo. The upcoming three-part special will see "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star preparing herself prior to welcoming her and fiance Dennis McKinley's child together, Pilar Jhena, whom she gave birth to on March 22. However, the first sneak peek at the spin-off hints that things start off with tension.

Obtained by HollywoodLife.com, the never-before-seen clip sees Porsha sitting around the kitchen table alongside Dennis, Porsha's younger sister Lauren Wiliams as well as Porsha's and Dennis' moms Diane and Gina. They discussed arrangements for a caretaker for the then-unborn baby.

"I am on maternity leave for three months, I don't understand why you only want me to have daytime help for three weeks," Porsha says, indicating that she needs more help as it's her first time becoming a mommy. "Because you need to bond with the baby," Lauren answers, to which Porsha responds, "I am going to bond with her! You can’t get no more bonded than my nipple in her mouth!"

Lauren, though, insists that the 37-year-old won't be able to do so "if you have people here full-time." Porsha then says, pointing to her mom, "They got cooking and cleaning to do." Diane agrees with Porsha as she tells Lauren, "That's what our real purpose is, is to be a maid, not to be a nanny."

Dennis, however, keeps silent during the argument which prompts Porsha to snap at him. "You're not helping!" she says. "Listen, we don't need a night nurse," Dennis explains, trying to voice his opinion on the matter. However, that only upsets Porsha more as she responds, "You done turned on me with the night nurse?"

Saying that "it's just part of the process," Dennis continues adding, "You don't need them all day long, every day for those three months." When Porsha claims that Diane, Gina and Lauren "have expressed that they want to be there with the baby," Lauren quickly quips, "Intermittenly."

Gina echoes the sentiment, saying that she's got to wok. Frustrated, Porsha tells her that Dennis says he's going to clear her schedule off. That's news to Gina as she slams her hand down repeatedly on the table and says, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You trying to say I can't go to work?" Dennis tries to play oblivious.

"Dennis is definitely a mama's boy. I feel like Mama Gina really hasn't, you know, cut the cord yet," Porsha disses her fiance.

"Porsha's Having a Baby" premieres on Sunday, April 28 on Bravo.

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