The 21-year-old social media star takes on the role of a doll in the sci-fi visuals, getting rejected by Justin who chooses to help Sofia Jamora escape instead of her.

AceShowbiz - Beginning her career as a social media star, Jordyn Woods has now become a music video star as well. The former Good American Jeans model makes her music video debut through fellow influencer and YouTube star Justin Roberts' visuals for "Way Too Much", which made its way out on Friday, April 12.

The almost two-and-a-half-minute music video takes place inside a toy factory, where both Jordyn and Justin play dolls. Finding himself getting trapped in a narrow packaging, the latter decides to break out of the box by force. He has an option to save Jordyn as well, but Justin chooses to help another doll, played by Sofia Jamora, escape instead.

Jordyn is clearly annoyed by his decision as she is seen shaking her head in disgust while the two make their escape from the factory.

The song itself talks about the consequences that young stars have to deal with due to social media spotlight. "All these fools want clout/ They keep playin' with my name/ I just dripped so hard," Justin sings on the track. "She didn't want me back then/ But I bet she want me now/ She didn't use to see me then/ But I bet she see me now."

In a previous interview, Justin noted that the music video had a "Toy Story" meets "The Matrix" vibe. "I'm like in a toy factory, getting assembled, piece by piece, like, they're putting my arm in, they're putting my legs on, and I'm just kinda going down this conveyor belt of like, this toy factory," Justin said of the music video. "Everyone's in this toy factory, we're all toys."

The music video arrives following the messy cheating drama involving Jordyn, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. The 21-year-old girl was accused of having an affair with the basketball player behind Khloe's back, but she had denied the claim by saying that he only kissed her during a party.

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