Following the release of the song, the South Korean group makes history by becoming the first Asian girl group to top the U.S. iTunes chart with 'Kill This Love'.

AceShowbiz - Move over, everyone! BLACKPINK has finally made their comeback. On Thursday, April 4, the South Korean girl group unveiled the music video for the title track off their EP "Kill This Love", which is set to drop on the following day.

Besides scenes of them dancing to the song, the Hyun Seung Seo-directed visuals also features individual scenes of the four beauties as they plot the demise of their own romance. Rose in seen making an escape in a getaway car as Jisoo is portrayed as a queen of a medieval palace. Meanwhile, Lisa rules a supermarket filled with cereal as Jennie is shown sitting on top of giant black and white swans.

The four of them later join together for a dance scene inside a large bear trap before moving to a palace and continue flaunting their moves along with a group of dancers.

Following its release, "Kill This Love" soon topped the U.S. iTunes chart, marking their first chart-topping single on the chart. Additionally, BLACKPINK became the first Asian girl group and the second girl group after Destiny's Child to rank first on U.S. iTunes. The music video for the song itself has garnered more than 26 million views as of now.

BLACKPINK was initially set to hold press conference in support of their new effort. However, the plan had since been axed in light of the Goseong-Sokcho wildfire, which killed 2 people. Their label announced in a statement, "We have decided to cancel BLACKPINK's comeback press conference, scheduled for April 5 at 11 A.M. KST. We are currently sympathizing with the suffering of the Gangwon province citizens due to the Goseong-Sokcho wildfire, and came to this decision."

"We ask for the fans who waited for this press conference for their understanding," the statement continued. "We also deliver our comforts to those affected by the fire, as well as those working hard to put out the flames."

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