Gwyneth Paltrow Not Sorry After Making Daughter Upset by Breaking Instagram Pact

The 'Avengers: Infinity War' star gets called out by her daughter Apple Martin for sharing their selfie without getting her daughter's permission first.

AceShowbiz - Like any other mothers, Gwyneth Paltrow just wants to capture a beautiful moment with her kid and share it on Instagram. The founder of lifestyle company Goop recently did so by sharing a snap from her ski trip with her daughter Apple Martin on Instagram, and unintentionally upset her daughter in the process.

In the image, the 46-year-old actress took a selfie with her 14-year-old daughter with the background of the snow-covered field. Both of them bundled up in dark blue jackets, with Apple's face half-covered with polarized ski goggles and a helmet.

While many of Gwyneth's followers were gushing about the mother-daughter duo, Apple wasn't thrilled that she's featured on her mother's account without her permission. The teen wrote in the comment section, "Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent."

But the "Shakespeare in Love" star defended her decision to post the photo, reasoning, "You can't even see your face!"

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Some people weighed in on the mother-daughter Instagram pact, with one saying, "I agree with @applemartin on this. I have 2 teenage sons and now that they're old enough to be effected by something I post I always ask them if its ok first. It's a simple show of respect for them, the same as we expect them to show to us."

Also taking Apple's side, another wrote, "@applemartin I don't think I normally agree with a teenager about something like this but I totally do. I don't know much about Apple she doesn't go in the public eye. Maybe she wants to keep it that way. Her mom has over 5 million followers. Maybe that's why she doesn't want her sharing pictures like that. I don't think it sounds like she's being entitled maybe she just wants privacy because it's really hard to be a child of a famous person and actually have a normal childhood. Gwyneth Paltrow is ultra famous and would be recognized it no matter where she went. And if she posted pictures of her daughter every day everyone would recognize her too. Maybe a 13-year-old doesn't want to have that type of notoriety all the time. Food for thought."

Some others think Apple was "disrespectful" for publicly calling out her mother. But someone defended the girl, saying, "she actually said it quite respectfully. And if her mother has ignored repeated requests to not post photos without her consent, then it's her mother that's lacking respect."

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