Court papers uncover that the 'Dance, Dance' rock band was only authorized to use the props for the music video of their 2017 single, but has since used them onstage and for merchandise.

AceShowbiz - Rockers Fall Out Boy are facing legal action for allegedly overusing the life-size llama puppets licensed for their music video for "Young and Menace".

Creators at Furry Puppet Studio Inc. claim the "Dance, Dance" stars only requested permission to feature the props in the video for their 2017 promo, but have since gone on to use the llamas onstage and during TV appearances, as well as capitalising on their popularity with merchandise and special emojis.

In court papers obtained by Billboard, the disgruntled llama makers state, "At no point was the plaintiff ever told that the puppets would be consistently performing on stage, or for all 80 concerts on the tour."

"And it certainly could not be inferred that they were being used for merchandise (T-shirts, key chains, stuffed animals), GIFs, television appearances, emojis, apps, and social media."

"At no point did plaintiff give permission for the puppets to be used/exploited in the widespread way they were."

Furry Puppet Studio bosses, who insist the llamas were created two years before they were even contacted by the band's representatives, are now seeking an injunction to prevent the rockers from using the props again for anything other than in music videos, while they are also demanding damages.

Fall Out Boy have yet to respond to the allegations.

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