Tyga's Failure to Appear in Court for Injured Fan Case Leads to Issuance of Arrest Warrant

The 'Rack City' rapper was originally ordered to appear in court to settle a debt with Shyanne Riekena who won a lawsuit against him over the injury she sustained at one of his shows.

AceShowbiz - Problems are piling up for rapper Tyga - he's now a wanted man after failing to appear for court.

A bench warrant for his arrest has been issued because he still hasn't settled a debt with a concertgoer who was injured at one of his shows more than six years ago.

Tyga was allegedly served properly for an order to appear but didn't do it, so the judge overseeing the case wants him picked up and has set his bail at $250,000 (£190,000), according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Shyanne Riekena won a judgement against the rapper's music company for injuries sustained when a light stand fell on her, leaving a gash on the top of her head.

She sued him in 2015 and was awarded about $235,000 (£179,000), but Tyga still hasn't paid up and now he has missed a hearing about his debt.

He was also recently slapped with legal action after reportedly falling behind on lease payments for two luxury cars.

The "Rack City" star has been accused of failing to hand over nearly $130,000 (£97,700) to company officials at Midway Rent-A-Car for leasing a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2016.

According to court documents, Tyga stopped making the monthly payments before the end of his leases, and he has apparently dodged multiple attempts to collect on the debt.

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