Watch: Will Smith Goes Cage-Free Diving With Sharks in New 'Bucket List' Episode
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In the latest episode of his Facebook Watch series, the 'Bad Boy' star admits he is feeling a bit nervous upon knowing that he will jump into shark-infested waters without the protection of a cage.

AceShowbiz - Will Smith has ticked off another Bucket List item by diving with sharks - without a cage.

The "Independence Day" actor has earned a fearless reputation over the past few years, which he cemented by bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon to celebrate his 50th birthday last year (18).

He announced last month that he'd be exploring some of his more adventurous ambitions for six-part Facebook Watch series "Will Smith's Bucket List", and a preview clip of an upcoming episode teased he's not holding back for the show.

In the clip, Will is seen wearing diving gear as he sits on a boat and prepares to dive into the water with the sharks. However, he tells viewers that the experience is actually more dangerous than what he had in mind - so he's feeling a little nervous.

"We're at the Bahamas, and I'm about to do my bucket list - diving with sharks!" he says. "When I came up with this bucket list idea in my mind I was in a cage. I wasn't like diving free wide open with the sharks. But, WTF (what the f**k)!"

However, Will overcomes his fears, and is seen taking a deep breath before jumping into the ocean. The episode drops on Facebook Watch on Wednesday, March 06.

Other bucket list dreams Will takes on in the series include skydiving in Dubai, Formula 1 racing, running a half-marathon in Cuba, taking part in a Bollywood movie and performing stand-up comedy with Dave Chappelle.

Will explained his reasons for taking on such daunting challenges in a trailer which helped launch the series last month.

"I've achieved everything I've dreamed, and I know that fear of the unknown is keeping me from that divine wisdom," he said. "Every time I confront this fear, I feel more free."

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