'The Bachelor': Demi and Courtney Caught in Epic Pacifier Drama in 'Women Tell All'

Onyeka and Nicole's rivalry don't end even after they were eliminated for feuding and if anything, it escalates that night.

AceShowbiz - Ahead of its two-night finale next week, "The Bachelor" treated Bachelor Nation to "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" on Tuesday, March 5. The wild episode saw the ladies who participated in Colton Underwood's season reuniting and some were bringing back their feud with others.

Despite being eliminated together for feuding, Onyeka and Nicole's rivalry didn't end. If anything, it escalated that night as they were involved in a big debate that night. Nicole once again claimed that Onyeka bullied her, though the latter shut down the accusation and gave Nicole a vocabulary lesson.

"The definition of bully is someone who intentionally tries to intimidate someone that they believe is inferior to them", Onyeka told Nicole. Nicole then gave her an example on the things that Onyeka allegedly did that made her feel that she was being bullied. "You spread a blatant lie to Colton. You belittle me. You make me feel ostracized from the group, and you felt joy from that," Nicole said to Onyeka.

Onyeka and Nicole were not the only ones that were having a heated argument. During the episode, Caelynn confronted Katie about the claim she made about her and Cassie plotting who would become the next Bachelorette and that they weren't ready for marriage.

"I was frustrated that Katie didn’t just name names," Caelynn revealed. "She threw every single relationship under the bus and put every single relationship in question, and that sucked."

She then explained that she was just being supportive to Cassie, saying, "Obviously Cassie and I are best friends, and we were worried about what was going to happen to our friendship is one of us were to be engaged at the end." Caelynn continued, "I said, 'Cassie if it's me at the end of this, I pray that you're the Bachelorette and you find your person.' That's what best friends do."

Kirpa backed Katie's claim. She said that Cassie and Caelynn were being "manipulative."

One of the craziest things in the special episode was probably when Courtney shoved a pacifier in Demi's mouth. Courtney called Demi out for acting "like a child," adding, "All you did was constantly open your mouth about other people. Anytime I had an issue with you, I pulled you aside."

"You wanted me to basically tone down Demi, which I would never do for anyone,” she said. "It's 2019 and all you still haven't talked to Colton!"

Demi then apologized for calling Courtney the "cancer of the house," but it was because the latter was rather "more like bed bugs," according to her. "I forgot you were there and then you just kept annoying the s**t out of me," Demi said.

Host Chris Harrison then gave Courtney the last chance to deliver her last message. Instead of using words, she got up and put a pacifier in Demi's mouth while calling her a "child" and "immature."

Bewildered, Demi threw the pacifier back at Courtney's head as she yelled, "Security!" It was later revealed that Demi would participate on "Bachelor in Paradise".

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